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Truffle Infused Atlantic Salmon Pearls offer a luxurious fusion of the exquisite Black Winter Truffles  and the finest First Harvest Atlantic Salmon Roe.


This unique product presents an enchanting visual and sensory experience.

The roe's natural pop and saline burst are elegantly enhanced by the intense flavor and aroma of black truffles.

These earthy, aromatic truffle nuances beautifully complement the natural creaminess of the salmon roe, resulting in a perfectly balanced delicacy.

Ideal as a sophisticated addition to warm egg dishes, or as a sublime complement to pasta and potato creations, these pearls also pair wonderfully with seafood favorites like scallops and tuna, elevating any culinary creation to new heights of flavor and elegance."


  • Doorstep Luxury: We deliver this fresh, unique caviar right to your door, ensuring a luxury dining experience in the comfort of your home.
  • Ideal for special occasions or as a refined gift, this caviar pairs beautifully with a range of dishes and drinks, elevating any culinary creation.

Fresh Truffle Infused Caviar 85gm

  • Truffle Infused Atlantic Salmon Pearls X 1 Tin


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